Using Intersense in Automotive Testing

InterSense is the current industry leader with regards to precision motion sensing technology, and has been providing technological support to a number of industry verticals such as simulation and training, navigation, stabilization, aiming and alignment, augmented reality and 3D virtual displays.

Of particular interest among the large number of users of the InterSense motion sensing technology is the automotive sector that has started adoption of the V-Desk 6 virtual reality workbench for mechanical and component design.

Understanding Intersense and V-Desk 6 Virtual Reality Workbench

The InterSense Inc, being the industry forerunner in precision motion sensing technology, has been designated as the best motion sensing and tracking technology partner for the Trimension Systems virtual reality workbench `V-Desk 6'. The V-Desk 6 VR workbench has been projected to have a wide array of potential uses, owing to its capabilities of displaying very high-res images to a wide variety of experts working in different fields and industry verticals (such as scientists, researchers and engineers). The V-Desk 6 virtual reality workbench provides functionality to manipulate raw data in three dimensions.

It is this combination of the InterSense Inc’s remarkable precision motion sensing and tracking technology, along with Trimension's impressive V-Desk 6 virtual reality workbench product, that offers the potential and abilities to improve workflows, research methods, design and development times. It also enables the production of better quality products, while reducing the market cycles in a variety of markets and industry domains.

Applications in Industry

The V-Desk 6 virtual reality workbench provides stereo viewing coupled with full motion sensing and tracking (by Intersense). The user has the ability to interrelate with data on The V-Desk 6 virtual reality workbench through the fully incorporated InterSense IS-900 sensing system. The InterSense IS-900 tracking system enables the V-Desk 6 virtual reality workbench user to manipulate and pick up virtual objects in virtual space.

The raw data is converted to potentially powerful visualizations by using the V-Desk 6 virtual reality workbench to convert data into picture form. This translates into a lot of potential uses ranging from conversion of transaction data points to figures to CAD enablement. The V-Desk 6 virtual reality workbench can accommodate smaller groups working together as well.

Intersense technologies in the shape of V-Desk 6 virtual reality workbench has found extensive application in automotive industry to generate collaborative visualization to interact, communicate and share ideas. InterSense technologies have enabled a plug & play design for the V-Desk 6 virtual reality workbench. This technology has already been lapped up within the automotive manufacturing industry for component and mechanical designs. Examples of early adopters of the V-Desk 6 virtual reality workbench include General Motors that have been looking at a total overhaul of their Research and Development Centers.

Other Technologies and Applications

Among others, different tracking systems provide head-tracked perspectives of a new vehicle design. Virtual crash testing is among new grounds that are being explored.