Using Internsense for Motion Capture

Intersense is a system for motion capture that uses a hybrid technology for motion capture. The main technology that is used is the InertiaCube inertial sensor. This sensor makes it possible to capture motion without any external references. The many different approaches for capturing motion are needed because of the many interferences that can occur. By using the inertial, optical and acoustic motion capture, it is possible to capture motion over an unlimited range with high accuracy, and for a low cost.


Intersense offers several different options depending on the type of motion that is needed. Intersense has options for entertainment, life sciences, the military and for research. The IS-900 system is used specifically for tracking the pitch, yaw and roll in 3 dimensions. This orientation is used for flight simulators, visualization centers and more. Intersense VCam is used specifically for pre-visualization in video games and film. InertiaCube Sensors also track orientation and are used for weapon and tool aim, athlete’s swings and runners. The IS-1200 Systems tracks motion in relation to the environment. Some examples of this include tracking moving vehicles and motion base simulators. OEM solutions are used specifically for architecture.


Intersense provides motion capture for video games and movies. This is a great way to create immersive environments for gaming and the ability to accurately and realistically capture motion that can be used in live action. The systems are flexible and easy to set up and can be used in small and large areas. The motion capture can be used for character animation, for camera tracking, location based entertainment gaming and virtual reality headsets.


Intersense is used extensively for simulation and training. This software offers high precision motion capture that is necessary for training in the military. Simulation is key as the real life situation is extremely dangerous and hazardous for many of the skill needed. Intersense has been used in flight simulators, wireless weapon training, tacking binocular, dismounted infantry simulation and ground vehicle trainers.


Motion capture can be used within research for biomechanics, medicine and determining how individuals interact in different situations. Scientists are trying to determine what and why humans move through the world and what influences their choices. In particular, it is used to create immersive environments and is used in conjunction with CIEMA-Dive tank, and USC Institute and at Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise.


Because Intersense is low cost compared with all other motion capture systems it is frequently used in industries for precision testing, control and quality assurance, welding simulations, firefighting training and more. In particular it is used for training where there are safety issues due to dangerous equipment or when training can be very expensive. In this way, the worker gains the training that is needed without the cost or danger to themselves or others.


The technology is quite advanced for motion capture and results in the bets smoothness and lowest jitter for motion capture. The technology works on a fusion of three different sensors, as it uses digital acoustic ranging, magnetic technologies and GPS. The company was the first to develop human motion tracking and much of its technology is patented.