Using Huffyuv Instead of Motion JPEG

Huffyuv is a video codec that produces video converted files making the output videos of the same quality as the input. It is a fast program that can convert videos quickly as they are recorded. It is also simple to run and all you need is a Windows operating system; it will even run on Windows 95. This software is very straightforward and does not require a lot to function.

Lossless Conversion

This video codec does lossless conversion of videos, thus maintaining the quality of the files being converted. Unlike motion JPEG, which naturally compresses the files in order to save on space, Huffyuv preserves the quality of your videos.


This program is free compared to MJPEG, which makes it more appealing to users who want to convert their videos. MJPEG used to give their licenses for free as well, but they seem to be charging a premium now.


With this software, you can also choose the output video format depending on your needs. Unlike MJPEG, which does not allow this, you can for example, set the format to YUY2 so you can edit and convert it to MPEG. This therefore makes it easier because it is almost the same conversion as MPEG. Huffyuv is therefore the better choice compared to motion JPEG.