Using Boris Continuum to Make Transitions

Boris FX latest visual graphic and effects package, the Boris Continuum Complete 6 (BCC6) contains over 200 plug-in effect filters that work very well with media editing applications developed by Adobe, Apple, Avid and Sony amongst others. One such effect that is part of the new Boris Continuum 6 package is the Video Transition effect, which refers to the simple process of creating an intermediary effect between two video clips as one ends and another begins. The following will look at how to make video clip transitions using Boris Continuum 6 plug-ins in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.

Step 1: Set up Your Clips

The first step in the process involves choosing a pair of clips between which you wish to create a transition. Once you have decided on the pair, drag them on to the timeline on your screen and stack them one on top of the other. Make sure that the ingoing clip is stacked on top of the outgoing clip.

Step 2: Add a Transition Effect

In Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, as well as other media editing applications, Boris Continuum 6 Transition effects are treated as video filters. They are available under the Effects tab in the area next to your timeline, under the Wipe Transitions category. Choosing the appropriate transition effect, simply drag it over your stack of clips to let it take effect on your video.

Step 3: Edit Your Transition Effect

You will notice that the Boris Continuum 6 Transition effect will load immediately, however, because of the default settings of your effect, it might start from the first frame of your outgoing footage and last till the last frame of your incoming one. This may not be the desired result you are looking for. In the Effects Control area next to your Preview window, you will now be able to set the parameters of your Transition effect so that it suits the style of your movie as it cuts from one scene to another.