Using Autodesk Combustion to Rotoscope

Autodesk Combustion is an all-in-one software application with an interface that is easy to use. It includes an extensive toolset that will instantly augment the creativeness of any digital video artist. If you are a professional producing a video, repurposing content for the web or creating feature film effects, you will find Autodesk Combustion to be a powerful tool. It includes a large arsenal of rotoscoping tools that are easy to use.

Point Grouping

Autodesk Combustion includes a point grouping tool that lets you take a shape and create a pivot point for each individual shape so that it can operate separately. The shapes are then moved in such a way that they seem to flow with the person vs. moving as a single shape.

Autodesk Combustion is superior over other products, such as Photoshop because it is made to work with rotoscoping. Photoshop is meant to work with still images, not movement. Combustion is a motion application and will make working with image sequences and key framing easier. 

Other Functions

Autodesk Combustion is diverse and allows you to do a lot. You can animate all of the points individually or animate the shape as a whole. You can group the points together and animate all of them. You can even create your own combination of the above. If you’d like to, you can use the rotoscope tools to animate points.  It also allows you to mix and match b-spline curves and Bezier. Autodesk Combustion is both PC and Mac compatible, unlike many other applications that will only work on one platform or the other.