Use the Avid Splice Tool to Add Shots

The splice tool can be used to easily add shots seamlessly into the existing footage. Splicing is used a lot in different editing and photo shots. Besides adding shots, splicing can be used for green screen, chroma key, and other types of effects where 2 different images or shots are used and need to be overlayed or intercut. Splice can be used within the segment mode and is normally used when the timeline view is open.

Step 1 – Enter Splice

To enter into splice mode, simply select the extract/splice button. It is possible to see when you are in this mode as the segment button below the timeline will become dark. Clicking on the clip will highlight the specific segment.

Step 2 – Add Shot

Highlight the shot that is to be added into the existing footage. Mark the frame where the splice will start. This will be labeled the In. Then place an out where the shot will end. The length of the shot can short or long, it does not matter.

Step 3 – Splice Placement

It is also necessary to place an in and out marker in the existing footage where the new shots will be added. First make the source monitor active by clicking anywhere within the monitor. Play though the clip until the area with the new shot is to be added. Choose the cut points. If a shot is added then the in and out spot may be the same place. Many times a spliced shot may also be used to replace an existing shot. Splicing works the same way. The in and out markers will be placed around the shot that is to be replaced.

Step 4 – Markers

It is possible to add the in and out markers using keyboard keys. Click on the timeline and then scroll through using the J, K and L keys to move through the clip. Once the in spot is reached use I to insert the in marker. At the end of the shot use the O button to mark the out spot. 3 marks will be needed for this splicing edit. The in and out in the source monitor for the added shot and the in mark within the timeline.

Step 5 – Splice

Once all 3 markers are in place select the splice button. The marked added shot will be pushed where the in marker is within the timeline. If the added shot is used to replace any existing shot then the overwrite button is used.

Step 6 – Multiple Shots

It is possible to add many shots within a timeline. Simply mark the in spots on the timeline and the different shots from the other clips. This is an easy way to add shots and using the keyboard strokes may be slow at first as you practice they will be a fast way to add new shots into existing material. It will be necessary to load the clips into the source monitor and put them in order. It is also possible to rename the different clips.

Step 7 – Further Editing

Once the new shot is added it may be necessary to use the slide tools to ensure that the timing is correct. Rewatch and check the clips until the shot fits properly.