Upscaling Video in Power Director

Considered one of the best digital video editing software out in the market, Cyberlink’s Power Director allows users to enhance videos and pictures complete with music and voice-overs, amongst a host of other special effects, in a simple, powerful and easy to use manner. It is a one stop shop for all users who wish to creatively edit and share their experiences and memories captured on film in the best professional video quality presentation available. The following tutorial examines Enhancing/Upscaling a video in Cyberlink’s PowerDirector.

Step 1: Choose a Video Clip to Edit

PowerDirector begins with opening up the Workplace. On the top left corner, you will find the different ‘Rooms’ (or sections) through which to access different options to edit your media files, from simply choosing them to adding special effects. At the very top of this section, there is the ‘Media Room’ tab. Clicking on it will take you to ‘Media Room Display,’ from where you can access and choose the media that has been imported to PowerDirector for editing purposes. Select the video clip you wish to edit and drag it below to the ‘Time Line Display’.

Step 2: Fix and Enhance Video Clip

Select and highlight the video clip in the ‘Time Line Display’ and just above it, click on the ‘Fix & Enhance’ button to begin editing your video clip. This will open up the ‘Fix & Enhance’ display right next to the ‘Preview Window’ above. The ‘Fix & Enhance’ display has a wide variety of tools available for video editing. These include video fixing options such as ‘Lighting Adjustment,’ whereby you are able to increase or decrease the brightness of your video clip.

You will be able to manage the brightness of your video through a slider that will appear right next to the preview display. You will also be able to decrease the shakiness in your video clip (if there is any) through the use of the stabilizer bar which will be available to you when you check the ‘Stabilizer’ option beneath ‘Lighting Adjustment’. Video & Audio Denoise are filters that allow you to reduce noises that pass through the video or audio signal in your clip.

After fixing your video clip, you have the option to enhance the quality of your clip further through the ‘Video Enhancement’ option. This option will allow you to sharpen the image quality and can be managed through a slider that will appear next to the preview screen. In addition, you have ‘Color Adjustment’ and ‘White Balance’ options which allow you to fine tune the colors in your video clip.

Step 3: Preview

After or during the adjustments you make, check the ‘Preview’ option to view a comparison between the original and the new clip. If you are satisfied with the enhanced quality, apply the changes permanently by clicking on the ‘Apply to all’ button opposite the ‘Preview’ option.