Understanding Offline File Conversion

The ability to handle file conversion is an essential asset for anyone that seriously works with video. If you're a video editor, then you have the tools to convert your own videos into different file formats for distribution on the Internet through your editing software. But, what if there is a video someone else made that you want to see, but it's in a file format your computer doesn't recognize? Or even worse, what if something happened to your computer and the only way to back up your videos is to download them from the web? Well, a file conversion program can help you out in these situations. They are relatively inexpensive to purchase and you can download basic versions for free.

How It Works

Let's say that you're having a problem watch a video that's in the MP4 format. You can download that file and convert it into a format more friendly for your computer. Of course, the ability to do this depends on the program you are using. Some programs can only download video from sites that have a download link while others can just bypass that to get the video without permission.

Online File Conversions

In order to understand an offline file conversion, you must first understand what an online file conversion is. In order to do any file converting, your computer first needs to be hooked up to the Internet so that the program can download the video. You enter the address of the video, such as it's YouTube link and then choose the format that you want to convert the video to. Select whatever options you want to apply to the video, and then the program will convert the file.

You can lower the quality of an existing file when converting it, but you can not raise it. The settings of the original file are as high as you can go in terms of quality. Some programs also allow you to extract the audio from the video, which you can then convert to suit your needs.

Offline File Conversions

An offline file conversion basically follows the same steps, except this time it is done offline with video files already on your hard drive. This allows you to quickly download videos, which you can then convert later when you feel like you have the time to spare. The same file formats are available as well as the same options. As with the online process, the quality of the original video that you're working with is as high as you can go.