Understanding Nero BurnRights

If you have installed the Nero Burning Rom suite of software, then you might discover that you already have Nero BurnRights installed. This has been included with every version of Nero Burning Rom since version 5 and is very useful for users of Windows XP or Windows 2000. This makes it very simple for anyone to burn CDs and DVDs on their computer.

Using Nero BurnRights is a very simple way of creating DVDs on your computer without worrying about user permission. This means that anyone can create professional DVDs using Nero regardless of their user account.

What Is Nero BurnRights?

Anyone using Windows 2000 or XP will discover that only administrators are able to use it to create DVDs and CDs. Any other user trying to burn a disk will encounter error messages which will result in problems. Because of this, it's very difficult for anyone to burn a disk unless they are an administrator.

Nero BurnRights makes it possible for anyone to burn disks on their computer regardless of the type of account you hold. This is secure because you can make sure that you don't need to use administrator accounts for everyone. You will be able to grant burning rights to all of the different types of users on your computer, even if they do not have administrative rights.

Installing Nero BurnRights

Nero BurnRights is installed by default with Nero Burning Rom 5 or higher. If you have selected the default install option, then the BurnRights will be installed automatically. If you choose the custom option, then you will need to select it by ticking the BurnRights option.

BurnRights will be installed in the same directory as the rest of the Nero application. This can be accessed from the start menu so that you can set up who has permissions to create disks on your computer. This makes it possible to prevent the kids from being able to burn disks and waste them while allowing other users.

If you have a version which does not have Nero BurnRights included, then you will need to download it from the Internet. This can be downloaded from the official Nero website which will ensure that it's safe and won't damage your computer.

Setting up Nero BurnRights

To set up Nero BurnRights, you should open the control panel by selecting Start, Settings and Control Panel. In the control panel, there is now an option for BurnRights. Double click this option in the control panel to load the BurnRights application. This is a user screen which makes it possible to select who has permission to write CDs and DVDs on your computer.

This will create a new user which is called "Nero". After adding this, you will need to restart your computer to ensure that it's active. It's then possible to assign the users to the Nero group to allow them access to create DVDs. This means that it's possible to restrict who can access the Nero software.