Understanding Leawo Video Converter for Mac

The Leawo Video Converter Pro is a computer program which converts videos that can be played on the Mac operating system. It can be installed and used on both the Mac Power PC and Mac Intel. The software can convert to and from a variety of popular video and audio formats, playable on numerous digital mediums.

Converts Video and Audio Formats

The Leawo Video Converter Pro can convert video files to formats such as AVI, FLV, MOV and MP4, among others. Some of the possible output formats for audio include MP3, WMA, WAV and AC3.

Export Options

There are several options for sharing or distributing the finished video or audio file. The file can be played on devices such as the iPod Touch, Video and Classic, iPhone, Apple TV, gaming consoles (such as the PSP, PS3, Zune and Xboz 360), mobile phones and similar gadgets. Another option is burning onto a DVD which can be used on other computer systems or DVD players. The exported file can also be uploaded on the Internet for online viewing.

Customizable Output Settings

There are several codecs and settings that can be manipulated to change the characteristics of the exported file. Users can alter the quality of the final or exported file and select which codec and resolution to use.

Equipped with Editing Features

Included are a few basic editing features allowing users to crop, trim or add specific video effects to their video. The ability to edit files prior to conversion allows users to customize and enhance their videos before exporting to a different video or audio format. Users may also alter and control the video’s brightness, contrast and saturation.

Additional Functions

The software’s interface makes it easy to use, even for individuals that have no prior technical experience. Various features can be accessed and used with a few clicks of the mouse. Multiple files can be converted by using the program’s batch processing feature. Using this feature, the user can use the settings of one exported file and apply it to all of the video or audio files on the list. To identify the video and distinguish it from the millions of videos that have been produced over the years, the program allows users to add a watermark to their video. Adding a watermark also helps protect the video from being used illegally. The user can choose which type of watermark use and where to place it on the video.

System Requirements

The program can be installed on devices such as the Mac Power PC and Mac Intel. To run the basic features, the program requires that the Mac OS X operating system be at least version 10.5 with a 512 MB of RAM. There must be at least 60 MB of free space available on the local hard drive for installation. The minimum graphic card requirement is a 16 bit graphics card with 800x600 screen resolution.

Purchase Options

The program can be purchased via the company’s official website. Users who have legally purchased the program are assured that the program is free from any adware or malware which can slow down or bog the computer system.