Understanding Codecs with Edius 5

Edius 5 is a video editing tool that supports a wide range of different media. It can be used for real time editing of high definition and standard definition formats. The software comes with image stabilizers, effects and filters. It is possible to add titles, transitions and keyers, as well as convert the aspect ratio, resolutions and frame rates. This software works on Windows operating systems and is free.  One of the main benefits is the speed in which the user can edit.


The codec is needed to encode or decode the video signal.  Each codec makes it possible to playback and edit different footage. These are required for video editing, streaming media and video conferencing. There are different codecs depending on the footage and media. Digital videos of sports will focus on encoding motion and not exact colors.

Codecs in Edius

The strength of Edius 5 is that it is a leader in codec technology. The software can edit AVC-Intra, AVCHD, HDV 720p, HDV 1080i, DVCPRO HD and Infinity JEPG 2000. The software contains the Canopus HQ intermediate codec, which makes it possible to edit HD footage in the same way as SD footage. This requires a lot less power for editing “heavy” codecs. There are also codecs for all the standard formats. This way, it is not necessary to work about losing quality when converting between codecs.  

Learning the Software

Edius can be confusing to those who are used to different software or do not have a background in video editing. If you have the patience to sit down for a few hours and go through the different sections, then using Edius is a breeze. Only those that do not have the patience to learn the workflow needed in Edius will have problems. 

Once the user understands the software, then all the hype that is written about Edius does apply. It is very flexible, fast and easy to use.  The reason it is so easy is because of the codec. It is even possible to contain different formats on the same timeline.

More than Hardware

Edius is not only hardware, as once the software and hardware is loaded, it is possible to use these codecs in all different programs and applications. Many individuals want to use the editing software they are familiar with, but the Edius software is really the best for video editing. If you are in the video editing business, then it is important to know how to use this, as well as take advantage of all that Edius has to offer. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

Edius is considered the most user friendly video editing software out there, though it is lacking some of the advanced editing features found in other programs. Edius excels at real time editing, while there are other programs out there that offer much better sound features, 3D compositing and alpha. However, once the edits are completed in Eidius, users can take this footage and continue with edits and effects in other programs (that offer more advanced functions). Edius can normally take care of 90% of all editing.  It will be those finishing edits that require additional help.