Trapcode Shine: Creating a 3D Gobo Light

For advanced users, Red Giant provides the Trapcode Shine tool to create shine effects. There are 22 presets, but you can also make your own light ray effects. Follow the steps below to find out how to create the impressive 3D Gobo Light effect.

Step 1: Positioning Your Object

Choose an image, place it on your Active Camera window, and choose the 3D option from the Switches/Modes section of your bottom window. Switch to high quality and then create a camera by clicking the Layer menu, going to New and choosing Camera.

Step 2: Getting Started

Open the Layer menu again, go to New, choose Null Object and set it to 3D. Locate it behind your object by clicking on the third variable, appearing next to the Position of the Null Object in the Switches/Modes section, and move your cursor until you are satisfied. Turn on the Shine layer.

Step 3: Creating a Gobo Effect

Hold the Alt key and click on the icon before Source Point on the Adjustment Layer tab. Link it to the Null Object and then finish the Expression line typing “toComp(src.anchorPoint)”. Then, click on the Parent menu of the Switches/Modes section and choose the name of your image.

Step 4: Creating a Multicolor Gobo

Hold the Alt key and drag another copy of the image which is the same shape, but a different color. Drag it from the left part of your window and release onto the Layer name in the bottom part of your window. Select Adjustment Layer, click on Colorize on the Adjustment Layer tab, and choose None.