Transferring VHS to DVD with Roxio

With Roxio, you are able to store, convert VHS to DVD, and edit any media format so that it is playable on your computer or portable device. Roxio software solutions are ideal to preserve older media stored on formats such as VHS or audio cassettes. With Roxio Easy, you are able to make backups of your own VHS video cassettes and store them on DVDs or on your computer. This article will look at how to capture and transfer your old VHS tapes to DVD using the Roxio Easy application.

Step 1: Install Easy VHS to DVD on Your Computer

Roxio Easy comes with a Video Capture USB that you need to have connected to your computer before starting the installation process. After connecting the USB device, insert the installation disc and follow the procedure to install the Easy VHS to DVD application on your computer.

Step 2: Connect Your VCR to Your Computer

After you have successfully installed your software, you must now connect your VCR to your computer. To accomplish this task, you must connect the single end of your Roxio Adapter chord with the USB device. On the other of the adapter chord, you will have three extensions: the Composite Video Adapter (with the yellow colored plug), the S-video adapter (with the black colored plug) and the Audio adapter (with the red & white plug endings). Connect these adapters to their proper ports on your VCR. You have a choice between using the Composite video and S-video adapters. Once these are connected, you will be able to transfer your data onto your computer.

Step 3: Transfer VHS Data to DVD

It is important to remember that VHS tapes are recorded at a lower quality than what we expect today. So, even though Easy VHS to DVD will transfer your data successfully, the resulting quality output will depend completely on the picture quality of your video tape.

To begin the transfer, click on the Video – Movie project category in the main interface of Easy VHS to DVD, then click on Plug and Burn. Insert a blank DVD in your disc drive and select it as your destination drive. In the set productions area, you can select the appropriate menu options. Choose USB 2861 as your source device in the Capture Device drop down menu. On your VCR, fast forward or rewind to come to the exact moment you wish to start capturing your video. Press Play on your VCR and click the Capture Now button simultaneously on your interface to begin capturing your video.

After all the desired video is captured, press the Stop button on your VCR and click on finish to begin the burn process. Once that is complete, you will have successfully transferred your VHS tape onto a DVD to store and view it at your leisure on any DVD compatible device.