TotalMedia Theatre: An Overview

TotalMedia Theatre is a very useful media playing application which can be used to play back almost all video formats and disks. This makes it very easy to play back DVD disks and even Blu rays on your computer. The easiest way to decide whether or not you should buy TotalMedia Theatre is to look at the features that it provides and how it can be used.

User Interface

The user interface is very easy to use. This makes it simple to control the application and get the most out of it. The design of the software is minimal which makes it very easy to navigate around media files.

3D Support

The application also supports 3D media files. This makes it very easy to enjoy 3D blu ray films on your computer as long as you have the required hardware.


TotalMedia Theatre also features upscaling; this makes DVD and media files much crisper and higher quality. This makes the footage on DVD look almost as good as BluRay footage. Upscaling can be turned on and off depending on your resources and preferences.

Online Video Playback

TotalMedia Theatre features an online media player browser. This can display videos found on the Internet and then they can be opened and played back on your computer.

Smart Menu

Smart Menu is a fairly unique feature which automatically creates a popup menu for media files. This is similar to a blu ray popup menu and makes navigating through chapters very simple.

Remote Control

If you have an android phone, then it's possible to control TotalMedia Theatre through your phone with an app which can be downloaded from the market.