Toast 10 Titanium: Copying Discs

Toast 10 Titanium is one of the most powerful applications which can burn CDs and DVDs on a Mac. This really simplifies the process of burning discs with a mac computer. It can be used to burn isos or alternatively copy complete DVDs or CDs. Using toast to copy discs is very simple and you shouldn't struggle to do this. Following these few simple instructions will make the process even easier to understand.

Step 1: Loading the Disk

Load the source disk by putting it in your computers CD or DVD drive. If you are trying to copy from a copy protected source, then you will need additional software to make this possible. As standard, Toast 10 will only copy from unprotected media.

Step 2: Preparing the Copy

Click the options in Toast 10 to copy a disk. This will then present you with a new option to select your source drive. It is possible to use the same drive as your copier as long as you have plenty of hard drive space.

Step 3: Copying

When ready, click the button to begin copying the CD or DVD. If you are copying to the same drive, then you will first need to allow the software to copy to your hard drive. Then, when you have finished, you need to put your writable media in the drive and click the button to continue.

Toast 10 Titanium is so simple to use that anyone can use it to copy CDs or DVDs on a Mac computer.