Toast 10 Titanium: Burning an ISO

Roxio Toast 10 Titanium is a CD and DVD burning application which can be run on an Apple Mac computer. This makes it very easy to copy and burn disks from a variety of sources. If you have a Mac, then this is one of the easiest applications which can be used to burn ISOs.

What Is an ISO?

An ISO is a special type of archive file which contains all the information required to burn a DVD or CD. These ISOs can be burnt directly onto a disc using Toast 10 Titanium or similar applications. It's also possible to extract the files from inside an ISO in a similar way to working with ZIP files.

Burning an ISO

To burn an ISO in Toast, you first need to launch the application. When it is open, select the "Copy" menu along the top of the screen. When the copy menu is selected, you can then click on "Image File" to burn an ISO. Use the browse dialog box to navigate to and import your ISO; wait while it is loaded. The display below will show how full the disc is.

When you have finished importing the ISO files that you wish to burn, you then need to click the Red button at the bottom of the screen. This will start the burning process. Put a writable CD or DVD in the drive and wait while your computer burns the ISO to the disk.

Once the ISO has been completed, you should then check that the disk works by putting it back into your computer.