TMPGEnc Xpress: Key Features

TMPGEnc Xpress is a wonderful software that helps you to convert, edit and enhance the quality of your video files. We will be discussing some of the key features of this software in this article.

Interface and Power Tools

It has a very user-friendly and intuitive interface. Along with this, it has a whole lot of advanced parameters and encoding techniques that make it a powerful tool. It allows you to edit and enhance your video files before you actually convert them into the required format.

Encoding Process

The software has a 4-step encoding process. The first stage involves starting a project. It could be a new project or one of your older projects. Once you have a project to work on, the second step would naturally be applying the various tools and effects. This means the second step involves the editing of the chosen file. You can divide the video into multiple clips, merge them, erase unwanted segments, apply filters, change resolution, and perform other operations to create a professional looking video.

The third stage, after editing, would be the "Format" stage, in which you will be able to select the output format for your file. It allows you to customize each one to best suit your needs. Lastly, you can encode the videos singularly or in a batch mode, if you have more than one similar project in line.

Scene Change

The cut-editor points you to the beginning or end of a scene with a simple click of your mouse. It automatically takes you to the next or previous scenes, as you may require. It also helps in the detection of a scene change to help you make adjustments, if you want to make any.