TMPGEnc Xpress: An Overview

TMPGEnc Xpress is an excellent video conversion program that lets you convert almost any video file format to another type of format. It also enables you to edit your videos and makes your final output video come out the way you want it to look. You can add various affects to your videos to make them more fun and interesting.

Video Conversion

The main function of this software is to convert your video files from different file types to other formats. A lot of video file formats are supported and some of them are Quicktime, AVI and Mpeg-4. Convert your videos in four easy steps: start, source, format and encode.

Cutting Scenes

When there are scenes in your videos that you want to remove, you don’t need to open or purchase a separate video-editing tool. TMPGEnc Xpress allows you to cut unwanted scenes so your video will be clean when you save to your desired format.

Audio and Video Filters

With TMPGEnc Xpress, you can also apply various audio and video filters that can further enhance the quality of your video. You can rotate and resize the videos, or you can increase the sharpness quality as well.


You also have the option to add subtitles. You can either import them from another source or make the subtitles from scratch. TMPGEnc Xpress therefore allows even hearing-impaired individuals to enjoy your videos.