TMPGEnc Plus: An Overall Look

TMPGEnc Plus is a software that allows you to convert, edit and format video files. It has a great number of features which will be discussed in this article.

Basic Features

It allows you to encode AVI files into the MPEG-1/2 format with the help of the "Wizard" mode. You can also create MPEG format for DVD videos, SVCDs and others with ease. Adjusting sizes, aspect ratio and other settings is also easier with this software. You can use the multiplex or de-multiplex streaming for both audio and video files.

Project Wizard

The project wizard helps in the encoding and adjusting of the size of the output file according to the selected media. This can be done with the help of the auto bitrate setting tool.

2Pass VBR Encoding

It is an encoding algorithm used by the TMPGEnc Plus. The algorithm basically analyzes the video in the first pass and then manages the show by doing the actual encoding in the second pass. Another advantage of this is an assured high quality of the video even with a low bitrate usage.

Video Editing

The software has a tool called the "Source Range" that enables you to encode just the chosen portion of you video. Then there is a tool for erasing called Ghost. You also have tools that help in sharpening the edges and correcting the tone of a color either automatically or manually. It also allows you to de-interlace horizontal lines, and helps you to edit audio segments.

System Requirements

It is compatible with the IBM PC and supports operating systems like Windows XP SP2, 2000, NT4.0, ME, 98SE and 98. It requires a Hard drive space of about 100MB or more, along with space for the input/output files.