TMPGEnc MPEG Editor: New Features

MPEG Editor helps in editing almost all types of video and audio format files, resulting in a high quality output. It has numerous features like frame level editing, smart rendering, special effects, burning and surround sound. Let us look into some of the new features added to the editor.


Now you can import your camcorder recordings in High Definition. It allows you to incorporate transition effects in your video and also add simple DVD menus as you require them.


Most of the time, when we upgrade our PCs' operating systems, our previous recordings and formats are usually not useful. But with the TMPGEnc Editor, you can import and edit all those recordings.

Input/Output Audio Support

In earlier versions there was no provision for the input files like the AAC5.1 audio with the existing MPEG files, but now there is, and also the editor now features channel audio for both input and output Dolby Digital 5.1.

Burning and Blu-ray Discs

With all the above features, you should know that the software will cater to high definition enthusiasts. When it comes to burning your video files, you can now choose to output and then write your video onto Blu-ray discs. Not only this, the Blu-ray disc writing tool is built in and allows you to burn your videos onto a single- or double-layer disc.

Transition Effects

You can now add transition effects to your video, in between clips. The new editor boasts more than 170 types of effects, and these are available on the editor window. You also have the transition selector that allows you to select by category and other features like soft edge, dissolve and many more.