TMPGEnc MPEG Editor: Key Features

MPEG Editor, as the name suggests, helps in editing, importing, adding special effects, and burning your video files onto a disc in various formats. It also has many other features that help you to enjoy High Definition video. We will discuss some of the key features of this software.

Editing Quality

MPEG Editor has a smart rendering tool that gives you an unscathed, perfect-quality video with no defects. It also has something called the "cut-editing tools," which help you to edit your video clips with professional ease.


The editing process takes place in four easy steps, and is made even simpler with its user friendly and intuitive interface. The first one is the "Start Stage," where you select and open a file of your choice to edit. The next stage is the "Source Stage," which allows you to import your videos and work on them. This is also the stage in which you will add the transition effects to your videos. The third stage called the "Format Stage" and involves selecting the desired output format. The final stage, or the "Output Stage," involves encoding and burning your video files in the selected format.

Input/Output Formats

All videos from High Definition camcorders, DVD camcorders, DVD video recorders, and MPEG-1/2 are supported input formats for the TMPGEnc MPEG Editor. The Output formats are the MPEG ½, Blu-ray, DVD-Video and DVD-VR.

Scene Search

If you are one of the many people tired of searching for consequential scenes, then this software can help you with its "Smart Scene Search" tool. It automatically finds the scenes for you and includes both the previous and next in sequence, saving you quite some time.