TMPGEnc Instant Show Presenter: Key Features

It's possible to use TMPGEnc Instant Show Presenter to take your still photographs and videos and turn them into an attractive show. This show can then be written onto DVD or saved as a digital video file to ensure that it can be played back on virtually any device you have.

Virtual LightBox

TMPGEnc features a virtual light box which can be used to touch up photos and make them look better without needing to do anything difficult. This makes it possible to zoom in, re-size and touch up photographs.

Drag and Drop

The TMPGEnc software is very easy to use. It's possible to drag and drop photos and videos onto the time line to add them into your project.

Adding Music

It's easy to add music tracks to your photos and videos to make them more interesting. The music supported includes MP3, WAV and other files. The free version is however limited to a limited number of sound effects. It's also possible to add sound effects while you are watching the video.

Creating Captions

It's very easy to use this software to create captions on op of photos and videos. This makes it very simple to tell viewers more about the photograph so that they can feel more involved.

Picture Effects

There are a number of different effects that you can use to enhance your photos and make them look much better. It's possible to apply color filters or trim photos.


Transition effects can be used to make the video look professional. There are many different transitions and effects which can be used when the photographs are changed.