TMPGEnc DVD Author: The Main Features

TMPGEnc DVD Author is software that helps you work with your DVDs. At a glance, here are the most useful features of this program:

HDV, DV Capture

The software is a licensed DivX product. Using this software, you are able to get videos directly from the HDV and/or DV camera.

Import Format Improved

It can import most of the widely known video formats . TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 alongside DivX Authoring allows you to add more types of source files to your video projects than Author 2 can allow.

Multiple Subtitles

You can are able to add two subtitles to your video. This is done alongside DivX Authoring.

DivX HD Support

You can now make a DivX HD project using the features that are highly advanced and these are provided by this software (for example, high resolution). Additionally, the stereo output produced by the software is Dolby Digital.

Creating Menus

There are menu templates that come with the software, but you also have a chance to create those of your choice. With the process of making menus, this software allows you to customize menus in a fast and quick way. This can also be done through text and thumbnail images.