TMPGEnc Authoring Works: New Features

The TMPGEnc Authoring Works is an extremely intuitive software solution that allows both amateur and professional video editors to work with ease and produce professional looking DVDs, Blu ray discs and DivX ULTRA discs. Here is a brief look into the brand new features offered by the TMPGEnc Authoring Works software.

New Features

The TMPGEnc Authoring Works allows you to integrate the software completely with the Windows Media Player on Windows 7. If you use the Windows media player on Windows 7 to download and record shows, then the TMPGEnc Authoring Works can directly import the .wtv recording files and edit them to remove any commercials (and then burn them to DVDs, Blu ray discs and DivX ULTRA discs).

Also, there is newly added support for 5.1 channel surround sound. This means that for every import of a MPEG-2 TS file, you can import up to six channels of audio. The number of the channels can of course be specified during the import process. New support for AVCHD discs has also been added to the software to allow the importing of camcorder footage in full HD. Then you can burn it to a Blu ray disc to keep the memories safe.

The final new feature allows you to work directly with HD resolutions and still keep the work flow fast enough to compete with any other authoring software. Editing is done through a proxy file that acts as a buffer file and is much smaller in size. This allows the not so fast computers to leverage the power of the software too.