Tipard MOV Converter for Mac: An Overall Look

You can use Tipard MOV Converter for Mac to convert MOV video files to other popular video file formats. Tipard MOV Converter for Mac is also capable of converting HD MOV and QuickTime video files. A few of the many video file formats that this program can output to are MPEG-4, AVI, WMV, VOB, FLV and 3GP.

Outputting to Multiple Formats

If you own multiple portable devices, it is possible that each device will accept different video file formats. Tipard MOV Converter for Mac allows you to convert a single video file to multiple video file formats with just a single click of your mouse. This makes it easier for you to transfer your video file to all of your portable devices if you choose to do so, plus it makes the conversion faster.

Supported Devices

Tipard MOV Converter for Mac can convert to most popular video file formats, which means it supports most portable devices. Some of the portable devices that this MOV converter is compatible with are the iPod, iPhone, PSP, Creative Zen, BlackBerry and Palm Pre. Tipard MOV Converter for Mac is also compatible with most popular video game consoles, including the Wii, PS3 and Xbox.

Built-in Movie Player

Tipard MOV Converter for Mac comes with a built-in movie player that you can use to preview your video files before you convert them. One of the tools that comes with the movie player is the snapshot tool. The movie player allows you to pause your video file at any time and use the capture tool to take a still image of the scene that you paused on.