Tipard M2TS Converter: An Overall Look

Tipard M2TS Converter is a great program that you can use to quickly and easily convert M2TS video files to a popular video file format. You may or may not know that M2TS format is commonly used for Blu-ray movies. Unfortunately, you generally need a Blu-ray movie player to view M2TS files. Being able to convert M2TS files to a different video file format allows you to transfer movies to your portable device or video game console. Although Tipard M2TS Converter is compatible with Windows operating systems only, there is a similar version of the program available for Mac operating systems. The main objective of this guideline is to provide you with an overall look at 3 of the best features of Tipard M2TS Converter.

1. Fast Conversion Speeds

Tipard M2TS Converter has extremely fast conversion speeds, which is one of the best features of the program. The newest version of Tipard M2TS Converter features NVIDIA CUDA technology, which increases the conversion speeds 6 times compared to previous versions of the program. The NVIDIA CUDA technology allows Tipard M2TS Converter to use the central processing unit in your computer to its advantage. Simply put, the faster your central processing unit is, the faster Tipard M2TS Converter will be able to convert M2TS video files to other video file formats. Unlike many similar programs, Tipard M2TS Converter does support multi-core central processing units.

2. Audio Conversion

If you have ever looked at other M2TS conversion programs, then you may have noticed that some of them do not extract and convert audio. Without the ability to extract and convert audio, you will be left with a converted M2TS video file that contains no sound. Luckily, Tipard M2TS Converter is able to extract and convert audio for you. Some of the audio file formats that Tipard M2TS Converter can convert to include AAC, MP3, M4A, WMA and WAV. To help save you time, Tipard M2TS Converter allows you to convert multiple audio files at a single time. Those are all popular audio file formats, so you should have no problem transferring them to your portable device, such as your mobile phone or music player.

3. Video Editing Tools

Tipard M2TS Converter even comes with a wide array of video editing tools that you can use to enhance your M2TS video files before you convert them. The video editing tools that you will likely use the most include crop, merge, trim and watermark. The crop tool is one of the best video editing tools you will ever use because it allows you to resize movie files to tailor them to the screen size of the device you intend on transferring the file to. You can use the watermark tool to customize your video files by applying watermarks to the file in the form of either a picture or text. Tipard M2TS Converter even allows you to adjust the contrast, brightness, volume and saturation of video files by using a user-friendly slide bar.