Tipard iPod Video Converter: An Overall Look

The Tipard iPod Video Converter can be used to convert almost all digital video formats to formats which are compatible for use with all iPods and iPhones. These videos can be used with the iPod touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic and iPhone. This makes it very easy to enjoy your video files on the move, even when you're no where near your computer. Videos deserve to be shared and enjoyed wherever you go.


iPod Video Converter supports a wide range of different video formats. These include MPEG2, MPEG, RM, M4V and several HD formats. The files can be converted into MP4 formats which are compatible with all iPods, iPhones and many other MP3/MP4 portable video players.

Video to Audio

It's also possible to use this software to extract the sound tracks of videos. This is a good way of creating MP3 files from your movies without needing to buy the sound track separately. These audio files can then be burned onto a CD or alternatively put onto a MP3 player.


It's easy to merge and trim chapters to make the video much easier to watch. The video can also be cropped to remove the black bars around the edge of a video. The output format can be adjusted. It's also possible to create multiple formats at the same time. All of the different settings can be saved as the standard output setting.


The preview window allows you to look through the video before and after conversion. This is especially useful when editing the video because you will be able to take a look at how the video looks.