Tipard HD Converter: An Overall Look

Tipard HD Converter is a useful piece of software which can be used to convert HD video to different video formats. This makes it simple to play back HD video on devices which cannot handle this video. HD converter makes it very simple to create video footage that can be played on any computer or device. It's also possible to burn this video onto DVD or another type of standard definition video format.

Convert HD Video

HD video can be imported into the converter, where it can be converted into a range of different formats. A H.264 HD video can be converted into a standard MPG file, which is compatible with many devices. It is also possible to use it to transfer between the different types of high definition file formats.


HD Converter can be used to trim and merge chapters. This makes it much easier to ensure that you are converting the perfect video and that you only have the parts of the video that you actually want. Other editing features are also included. These include touching up the brigtness or color used in the video. Watermarks can be added to make the videos look even more professional.


The settings of the output file can be adjusted as required. This makes it possible to control the size and type of the file. You can use the resolution, bitrate, frame rate and video encoding settings to create the best type of video.

Converting HD videos makes it possible to play them on a variety of different devices, including older slower computers which cannot play back high definition formats.