Tipard DVD to Zune Converter for Mac: An Overall Look

Anyone who is trying to convert their movies for Zune can use the Tipard DVD to Zune Converter. This is a very powerful application which makes it simple to convert your entire movie collection into a format which you can take anywhere with you. This means that you can enjoy your films even if you're not sat anywhere near your TV or computer.


It's easy to use this software to convert DVD videos into format which can be played back on a Zune portable media device. This includes music and video files. This makes it simple to convert a DVD into a soundtrack which can be played on virtually anything which supports CDs.

This application works very quickly to convert the videos to a multitude of different formats. This means that you will be able to easily convert the videos when you have some spare time.

Editing the Video

Once the video is converted it's also possible to edit them. It's possible to trim the clips and stitch them together. This is very useful for videos which are spread across multiple disks.

Watermarks can also be added onto the videos which makes them look more professional and will also prevent anyone else from copying them.


When converting the videos it's possible to set multiple output formats. This means that you will be able to convert to several different formats at the same time.

Batch Processing

Batch processing makes it possible to convert a number of videos at the same time. This means that you can leave your computer to convert all of the videos automatically while it is left unattended.