Tipard DVD to WMV Converter: An Overall Look

Tipard DVD to WMV Converter is an easy to use program that converts DVD movies to WMV video file format. WMV is a popular video file format, so once you have converted your DVD, you should have no problem transferring it to popular portable devices, such as the Zune, BlackBerry and HP iPAQ. Tipard DVD to WMV Converter is compatible with Windows operating systems only. This guideline will provide you with an overall look at 3 of the best functions and features of Tipard DVD to WMV Converter.

1. Audio Extraction and Conversion

Many DVD conversion programs that are similar to Tipard DVD to WMV Converter are not capable of extracting and converting audio. If you don't extract and convert the audio when you are converting your DVD movie, you will be left with a movie that has no sound. Once you have used Tipard DVD to WMV Converter to extract the audio from your DVD you are converting, you can use the program to convert it to MP3 or WMA. The high quality engine that is associated with Tipard DVD to WMV Converter ensures that none of the quality of the original audio will be lost during the conversion process.

2. Video Editing Tools

Tipard DVD to WMV Converter comes with many different video editing tools that you can use to enhance your DVD movie before you convert it to WMV. The video editing tools that are included with Tipard DVD to WMV Converter are effect adjuster, merger, trimmer, watermarker and cropper. The video effect adjuster allows you to adjust the contrast, brightness and saturation of your DVD movie. You can also use the video effect adjuster to change the volume of the audio. You will probably end up using the video cropper quite often because that tool enables you to remove letterboxing, or black edges, from the outside frame of your DVD movie. If you are only interested in transferring a specific scene to your portable device, you can use the video trimmer to cut that scene out, which saves you from having to convert the entire DVD movie.

3. User Friendly Interface

You will likely have a hard time finding another DVD to WMV converter that is easier to use than Tipard DVD to WMV Converter. The entire conversion process, start to finish, only takes a few clicks of your mouse when you are using Tipard DVD to WMV Converter. The newest version of Tipard DVD to WMV Converter is six times faster in regards to conversion speeds when compared to the previous version. Tipard DVD to WMV Converter features NVIDIA CUDA technology, which means the faster your computer is, the faster the program will be able to convert your video and audio files for you. Unlike other DVD to WMV converters, Tipard DVD to WMV Converter does support computers that have multi-core processors.