Tipard DVD to iPod Converter: An Overall Look

The Tipard DVD to iPod Converter is a computer tool designed and developed to convert DVD movies and files to formats that can be played on iPod products. Both video and audio can be extracted and converted separately. Some basic editing functions are also integrated in the program. Improvements have been made to the program to function faster when coupled with more recent computer technology. Here is an in depth look into some of the program’s key features.

Converts DVD Files for the iPod

Tipard’s DVD converter program for the iPod can convert files taken from a DVD into a variety of files intended for the iPod. The converted files can be converted for devices such as the iPod Nano, Classic and Touch models. Other devices such as the iPhone and Apple TV can also play the converted files. Video files from the DVD can be converted to MP4, MOV and the H.264 format. Audio files may also be extracted from the DVD and converted to MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A and AIFF. Users of the program may also choose to capture snapshots of the video and save these as images on the local hard drive.

Edits Videos

Several editing functions have been incorporated into the program. Users may trim larger videos to smaller files, crop screens, merge several smaller files or even add watermarks to their videos. These functions can help customize the video. Make videos shorter by clipping the ends using the slide bar or inputting the exact start and end times. Merge several videos into one file to make the playing more continuous. Alter the video’s playing region for a video which fits the player better. Video effects can also be added. Users may choose to modify the levels of brightness, contrast and saturation. There is a deinterlacing option which improves interlaced video to progressive. This makes the video quality clearer, making the viewing experience better. A watermark may also be added to identify the video file as a creation of the user.

Modify Output Settings

Output settings can also be altered to suit user preferences. Settings such as the video codec, frame rate and video bitrate can be adjusted for better quality videos while settings for audio codecs, sample rate, audio channel and bitrates can also be modified for the video. Users may also choose to save the settings for video resolution which can be used in future conversions. Additional audio tracks and subtitles can be added for a more personalized video.

Faster and More Powerful

The DVD to iPod Converter has been especially designed to work well with the NVIDIA CUDA to accelerate and improve the performance of the computer’s GPU. Along with compatibility with CPUs that have multiple cores, the program can convert files much faster with better output quality. Both the original and edited videos can be viewed simultaneously to make the editing process more convenient. The interface has been especially designed to make use much easier. Users will be able to master using the program with a few clicks of the mouse.