Tipard DVD to iPhone 4G Converter for Mac: An Overall Look

The Tipard DVD to iPhone Converter for Maccan be used to convert your DVD films into a format which can be used on your iPhone 4G or many other portable media devices. This makes it very easy to convert your entire collection of movies and take them everywhere you go with you.

Easy to Use

There are a number of free converters which can be used to convert DVDs and make MP4 files compatible with the iPhone 4G. However, these are all very complicated to use. Using DVD to iPhone 4G software is much simpler. This has a wizard interface which can be followed to convert the DVD to iPhone format.

Copy Protection

All DVDs brought from a store will feature copy protection. This is designed to prevent you from copying the videos off the disks. However, it's possible to use iPhone 4G converter to bypass this protection and ensure that you can copy the videos off the disk. This is updated regularly to ensure that even the latest DVDs can be copied successfully.

Extracting Audio

It's also possible to use the converting software to extract just the audio from the DVD. This makes it possible to create a sound track from a film without needing to pay extra to purchase it.


The converter features a number of useful editing features. This makes it simple to apply watermarks to your movies. It's also possible to apply various effects including saturation, color balance and brightness.

It's also possible to use this software to trim the videos down to remove various unwanted parts of the video.