Tipard DVD to AVI Converter: An Overall Look

The Tipard DVD to AVI Converter is designed to convert DVD files to the AVI format. Files from the DVD can be ripped and converted to other files for use on popular multimedia devices and players such as the Creative Zen, Blackberry, and more. Audio files may also be extracted and converted to other formats. The software can do more than convert, however. Other functions integrated into this converter from Tipard include basic editing functions such as trimming and cropping video and audio files, adding a watermarks, video effects, and more. This new offering from Tipard has been designed to adopt multiple processors and the NVIDIA CUDA for faster conversion speeds. Here is a more in-depth look into some of the software’s key features.

Converts DVD files

Tipard’s DVD to AVI Converter program is able to alter the DVD file format for use on other multimedia players and devices. A single DVD file can be exported and converted into a variety of output formats. There are numerous options for the type of export files. AVI is one of the popular output formats supported by the converter. This file type can be used on devices such as Creative Zen, Blackberry, Archos, iRiver, Xbox, Xbox 260, PSP, PS3 and Wii. Audio files can also be extracted from the DVD movies and converted to other formats such as MP2/3, M4A, WAV, AAC and AC3. Snapshots of various parts of the movie can also be saved. These snapshots can be saved into file types such as JPEG, BMP or GIF and saved onto a default folder or a specific destination determined by the user.

Video Editing Features

A number of basic editing functions have been incorporated into the program. Users may choose to crop the original video. This is useful in movies, which are shorter and have black borders. Video lengths can also be trimmed to specific length by determining the start and end times of the segment to be converted. Defining the length of the video to be converted makes the conversion process quicker. The multiple segments can later be merged into a single AVI file. For a more customized look, users may also add audio tracks or subtitles. More advanced editing features allow users to adjust the frame rate, video bitrate and the codec used for the video. For the audio, aspects that can be changed include the sample rate, audio bitrate, channel and the audio codec. The video resolution can also be altered in terms of the width and height. This setting can be saved and used in succeeding conversions.

Easy to Use

The program is designed to be user-friendly regardless of the individual’s level of expertise. A preview window is also included, allowing the user to see the modifications made to the video prior to exporting and converting the edited video.

Optimized for Newer Systems

Tipard’s conversion software has been developed to work well and take advantage of the most recent improvements in computer technology. It has adopted the NVIDIA CUDA technology and use of CPUs with multiple cores, making the conversion process much faster with the best output quality possible.