Tipard DVD Ripper: An Overall Look

Tipard DVD Ripper is an easy to use program that allows you to rip full length DVDs so you can convert them to a popular video file format. Tipard DVD Ripper is able to rip and convert DVDs to most video file formats, including MP4, HD, AVI, FLV, WMV, and MPEG. If needed, Tipard DVD Ripper will also extract the audio from the DVD you are working with so you can convert it to a popular audio file format. Tipard DVD Ripper is compatible with Windows operating systems only, although there is a similar Mac version of the program available.

1. Device Support

Generally speaking, most people will use Tipard DVD Ripper to rip and convert DVDs so they can transfer them to a portable device. Luckily, Tipard DVD Ripper is compatible with most portable devices. Some of the many portable devices that Tipard DVD Ripper is compatible with include the iPod, iPhone, Zune, Archos, and Creative Zen. Tipard DVD Ripper is also compatible with many popular video game consoles, such as the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox and Sony PS3. It only takes you a few clicks of your mouse to convert and transfer full length DVD movies with Tipard DVD Ripper.

2. Customizable Output Settings

Being able to customize output settings with Tipard DVD Ripper is one of the best features of the program. You are given full control over the quality of your conversion because you are able to adjust the output settings. Video output settings that you can customize in Tipard DVD Ripper include frame rate, video encoder, resolution, and video bitrate. If you also used Tipard DVD Ripper to extract audio files from your DVD, the audio output settings that you can customize are sample rate, audio bitrate, channel and audio encoder. If you happen to like the output settings that you chose, Tipard DVD Ripper allows you to save them so you can easily apply them to future video and audio files. If you are short on time, Tipard DVD Ripper even comes with many different output profiles that you can choose from instead of customizing the settings on your own.

3. Video Editing Tools

You are not only getting a DVD ripper when you purchase Tipard DVD Ripper. You are also getting a video editing program. The video editing tools that come with Tipard DVD Ripper include watermark, merge, trim and crop. You will find that you use the crop tool very often because it allows you to adjust the playing region of your movie to ensure that it properly fits on your portable device. If you happen to have similar movie titles or chapters that you are working with, you can merge them together, which will save you conversion time because you'll only have to convert a single file. Tipard DVD Ripper even allows you to adjust the video effect of your DVD movie. By being able to adjust the video effect, you are able to change the contrast, brightness and saturation of your DVD.