Tipard DVD Cloner for Mac: An Overall Look

DVD Cloner 6 for Mac is professional software developed and released by Tipard to duplicate and copy DVD files for use on systems running on Mac OS X. DVD files can be duplicated at a 1:1 ratio or compressed without any loss or reduction in quality. Backups of image files can also be created. Here is a brief look into some of the program’s main uses.

Clones DVD Content

Users can choose from several options when it comes to cloning DVD files. The first is by duplicating all of the content including any special features, intros, trailers and any ads. Another option is simply copying the main movie. A backup of the DVD files can be made by saving an ISO image file to the local hard drive. These ISO image files can also be burned to a blank DVD. Files can be cloned at a 1:1 ratio or compressed. Compression is recommended in the cases of copying files on a DVD-9 disc to DVD-5 discs while maintaining the high quality of the DVD-9 format.

Compatible Formats and Discs

Discs supported include DVD+-R and RW, DVD-RAM discs and the 8.5GB Dual Layer. Most DVD burners and players can support the converted files. File formats supported for both input and output include DVD-Video, DVD folders and ISO image files.

Computer System Requirements

Systems running on Mac OS v. 10.4 up to 10.6 with PowerPC G4 or Intel processors can run and use the program. A minimum of 512 RAM is needed to use the basic features. A Super VGA resolution with a 16-bit graphics card installed is also advised for more optimal use.