Tipard DVD Cloner 6: An Overall Look

The Tipard DVD Cloner 6 is a quick and convenient computer tool used to make exact duplicates of DVD movies. These copies can then be burned on blank DVDs. DVD Cloner 6 works regardless of the type of DVD or if the user intends to save the duplicate on the local hard drive. ISO images or other DVD files saved on the computer can also be burned onto a blank DVD. Specific parts can also be chosen for burning on a DVD disc or on the local hard drive. The following are a number of the program’s main features.

Cloning Features

Use the software to make high quality duplicates of favorite movies on DVD. Create exact clones from one DVD-9 disc to another, one DVD-5 disc to a similar blank disc, or copy and compress the contents from one DVD-9 disc to a DVD-5 type and still retain the same quality. Movies from these types of DVD discs can also be cloned and duplicated on the local hard drive, creating a backup of the ISO image or DVD folder. Working in reverse is also possible by burning favorite movies on a blank DVD disc with movies copied from the local hard drive. Supported discs include DVD+-R and variations of RW discs, DVD RAM and the 8.5 GB Dual Layer disc. These discs can then be used on most models and brands of DVD players.

Exporting Options

Tipard’s DVD Cloner 6 supports DVD video, DVD folder and ISO image files as both input and output file formats. The software is also fitted with a movie player which allows users to see the contents of the movie and capture snapshots of scenes. These snapshots can be saved as JPEG, BMP or GIF in a default folder on the computer or in a folder designated by the user.

Fast and Powerful

The most recent versions of the software have been optimized for the current demands and computer specifications. It has been designed and developed to support CPUs with dual cores, making conversions faster.

Easy to Use

Learning how to use the program is easy. The interface is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Users will be able to know and master using the program in a short amount of time even without reading or consulting the included manual.

System Requirement

Computer system requirements for using the basic features of the program are minimal. The program supports operating systems as far back as Windows NT4 to the most recent Windows 7. In order to run and use the features, the computer must have an Intel or AMD processor with speeds of at least 80 MHz and 512 MB worth of RAM.

Download Options

There are two options in using the program depending on the type of user. A full version of the program is available for purchasing and downloading from the company’s official website. For users still unsure of its functions and capabilities, the company has offered a free trial of the program. The software has been recognized and awarded by several third party websites for its features. It has also been deemed safe to download and install, clean of any viruses, spyware or adware.