Tipard Blu Ray to DivX Ripper: An Overall Look

The Tipard Blu Ray to DivX is a powerful tool used to create high quality Blu Ray to DivX conversions. There are numerous tools included in the software. Other video formats can also be converted to DivX as well as protected Blu Ray discs. The program is also fitted with a number of features allowing users to edit their videos prior to conversion. With the program being optimized for multi core CPUs, conversion is several times faster. Here is a more in depth look into some of the main features and functions of the Tipard conversion software.

Converting Functions of the Program

Tipard’s Blu Ray to DivX offers several conversion options. Users can choose to convert Blu Ray discs to a variety of formats, including DivX. Besides Blu Ray to DivX, other input and output formats are also supported. Input formats include IFO, MPEG1/2, DAT, VOB, MOV, QT and HD Video types such as HD MPEG and HD MP4. The converted files can then be played and used with different multimedia players and devices such the PSP, PS3, Xbox 360, Creative Zen and Archos.

The program can even rip and convert videos coming from protected discs. Video files can also be converted to a variety of audio formats. Some of the source and export audio formats supported by the program include AAC, M4A and MP3. The software also captures snapshots of the video and saves it in JPEF, BMP or GIF.

Editing Features

The software allows users to customize their videos. Users can trim, crop, merge and add watermarks to their videos. With the conversion software, users will be able to adjust the video’s aspect ratio and size of the playing screen, removing black borders if necessary. The program also allows users to trim their videos to a specific length. For a more customized video, users may also choose to combine several videos, merging them as one. Brightness, saturation and contrast levels can be adjusted. There is an option to add video effects or subtitles for a more customized video. Users may also choose to deinterlace the video for a better quality conversion. Watermarks can also be added to identify the video as the user’s creation.

Output Settings

This software from Tipard also supplies a wide range of export profiles to choose from. From the Settings tab, a window will appear. This will offer the user a variety of settings for exporting video and audio files such as the resolution, bitrates for each type of export, frame rate, sample rate, separate codecs for video and audio formats, and audio channels.

System Requirements

The software supports PCs running on Windows from NT4 to Windows 7. Intel or AMD processors must be running in speeds of at least 800 MHz with at least 512 MB worth of RAM or more.

Downloading Options

Individuals interested in using the software may purchase the full version from the company website. There is also a free trial version which will allow users to try out the features before purchasing. Third party websites have cleared the program of any viruses, adware or spyware, making it safe to download and use.