Tipard Blu Ray Converter: An Overall Look

Tipard Blu Ray Converter is a user-friendly program that can convert Blu-ray video files to most popular video file formats. Blu-ray movies are generally in M2TS format, which most portable devices are unable to read. A few of the video file formats that Tipard Blu Ray Converter can convert to include AVI, MP4, MPEG, 3GP and FLV. Tipard Blu Ray Converter is compatible with Windows operating systems only. Below you will see an overall look at a few of the best features and functions of Tipard Blu Ray Converter.

1. Easy to Use

Of course, the best feature of Tipard Blu Ray Converter is its user friendly interface. You will be on your way to converting your Blu-ray video file with just a few clicks of your mouse. If you are working with a Blu-ray disc that features encryption, Tipard Blu Ray Converter will automatically decrypt the movie for you so you can convert it. Tipard Blu Ray Converter also features CUDA technology, which was developed by Nvidia. Nvidia CUDA technology allows Tipard Blu Ray Converter to use the central processing unit that your computer has to its advantage to boost conversion speeds. Unlike some Blu-ray converters, Tipard Blu Ray Converter does support multi-core computers.

2. Video Editing Tools

Tipard Blu Ray Converter comes with several powerful video editing tools that you can use to enhance your Blu-ray files before you convert them. The most popular video editing tools that come with Tipard Blu Ray Converter are crop, trim, merge and watermark. Pretty much all Blu-ray movies these days feature letterboxing around the outside of the movie. That is great if you have a widescreen television, but most portable devices do not have a widescreen. You can use the crop tool to remove the letterboxing, which will increase the screen size of your Blu-ray movie. The trim tool is also a great tool if you only want to convert a specific segment of a Blu-ray video file. When you have the editing tools open, simply drag the slide bar below the preview of your Blu-ray movie to set the start and end time for the clip that you want trimmed.

3. Adjustable Output Settings

Many Blu-ray conversion programs do not allow you to adjust the output settings for the Blu-ray movie you are converting. That is not the case with Tipard Blu Ray Converter. The video output settings that you are able to adjust in Tipard Blu Ray Converter include video bitrate, frame rate, video encoder and resolution. If you also used Tipard Blu Ray Converter to extract audio from your Blu-ray video file, audio output settings that you can adjust include channels, audio encoder, sample rate and audio bitrate. If you are in a rush, Tipard Blu Ray Converter comes with a wide array of output profiles that you can choose instead of having to adjust the output settings on your own. Being able to adjust the bitrate of your Blu-ray movie is a great feature because the bitrate controls the file size of the video.