The Features and Benefits of CATvids

CATvids is software for the DVD and/or Blu-ray movie collector. This powerful software helps in cataloging and managing an entire collection of videos. It is software that is compatible with virtually every kind of current media and so works equally well with Blu-ray discs, DVDs and with VHS tapes. It can track pre-recorded content and can do the same with home videos (as well as any other recorded material). It also makes cataloging movies quick and simple; all that is required for this is to download information from the Internet.

Types of Media

CATvids can catalog every conceivable kind of media including laserdiscs, VHS tapes, Blu-ray discs and even DVDs.

Time Saver

CATvids helps you to save time, as you need to simply register information regarding directors, media formats and studios once. This information can be obtained from the Internet. In addition, this software also stores information related to as many videos as you want, and it can do the same with segments of a movie.

Free Space

If you need to know how much space is available on a tape, CATvids will show you in the information panel.

Adapting to Special Needs

If you wish to personalize the names of data fields, you can use CATvids to help you do just that. In addition, it also helps you in hiding data fields that are not required.

Analyzing collection in different ways, exporting data to ASCII files (text), backing up important data and using Microsoft Access database formats are a few of the less well known benefits that you get to enjoy by using CATvids.