Taking a Look at Power2Go

Managing files is made easier and more clutter-free with Power2Go. It is a kind of burning software for all types of media, allowing users to customize how files are saved, shared and stored. Because of the large storage capacity, it can even serve as a backup storage for pictures, audio and video files.

File Burning Flexibility

In a single disc, up to 128GB can be saved, which makes it a perfect filing support for different kinds of media files. In the event that the files are too plentiful for one disc to handle, it is automatically split into two parts, allowing the other half to be saved safely onto another disc. Apart from this automatic feature, Power2Go also allows more options to be used for customizing how files are burned, giving the users more leverage and control in their file management.

Data Protection

You can protect your privacy by hiding certain files on the disc. Add a password for certain files or for the whole disc to ensure that the information in the CD is highly confidential. This is made possible by the 256-bit encryption to protect data stored in the disc.

File Burning and More

Power2Go can be accessed through a PC desktop icon. This makes burning files one-click away. Files stored can also be searched with the search feature and can be tagged accordingly. Apart from burning and storing files, they can be copied, erased and replaced into the disc.

Photo Gallery Feature

You can maintain the high-quality of your pictures even after they are shown as a slideshow. Apart from the pictures being saved in their original quality, formats and resolutions remain intact and are backed-up as well.

You can ensure that your files are stored, viewed and protected from burning software that you can trust. Access your files with ease and security with Power2Go software.