Tagging Photos with MediaShow

Media Show is all-in-one software for sorting, organizing and sharing your favorite moments in videos and photos. This application gives you numerous options to organize your media content in a truly hassle free way. It can expand your options for uploading and sharing photos and videos with your friends, making the process of organizing them and uploading to your favorite social media sites seamless.

Tagging Phots

Tagging photos with Media Show is easy; it features precise, fast and reliable face recognition software that identifies people in your photos, even if they are not facing the camera directly. This feature is also useful when you have shot a group of people, and you need to sort them out and tag them properly. The application is able to offer you smart suggestions on how to recognize faces and organize your photo collection faster.

Media Show Features

The Face Me feature in Media Show can deliver much faster times in sorting out faces. You can leverage the full power of graphics software and analyze the volume of your photos really fast – according to the specifications you can analyze approximately 1000 pictures in 7-8 minutes. Once analyzed, photos give you the option to tag faces and upload them directly to flickr, facebook or OVI completing a seamless face tagging process.

Moreover, Media Show gives you the chance to search for people using a name tag; there is a sophisticated People Search button which helps you choose the tagged people among an existing group, either typing in your friend’s name or clicking on the friend’s image.

Searching for people and face tagging has never been easier and more enjoyable; Media Show makes a true difference here.