Still Images: Complete Control in Showbiz DVD

Showbiz DVD gives you control over not only videos but also any still images that you want to include. These still images can be displayed for any length of time and can be used to either break up videos or alternatively create photo DVD slideshows. Whatever it is you are using photos for, using Showbiz DVD can be a great way to control them accurately.

Understanding exactly how to use still images with Showbiz DVD will make it much easier to create accurate and professional productions that you will be proud of. Showbiz also makes it possible to include a range of different transitions between the clips to make the finished video look even better.

Step 1: Setting up ShowBiz DVD

First you need to open up Showbiz DVD on your computer and set it up how you intend to use it. Either open up an existing project that you want to edit and add some still images to or alternatively you can create a new project if you are interested in just creating a photo DVD or want to create something from scratch.

Step 2: Adding Still Images

The default view of the application will have the storyboard located at the bottom of the screen. This makes it very easy to visualize exactly what is positioned where and how it will look. The large squares on the storyboard are for still images and videos. The smaller ones in between are the transitions or effects that you can apply if you want.

To add still images to the storyboard you should click on the Edit menu at the top of the screen. This will launch the edit module which can be used to select the media you wish to add. Click on the media tab to display the media available and browse your computer for it if it's not immediately visible. Double click the still images that you want to add to your storyboard.

Step 3: Adjusting Times

The default length of time that a still image will stay on the screen can be adjusted in the options for the application. However, it's also possible to adjust each still image one by one. To do this simply click on the still image and the preview window will display lots of information about it. Adjust the time that the image stays on the screen by changing this value. It's possible to make it stay on the screen for shorter or longer depending on the effect you are trying to achieve. The time can be specified in frames, minutes, seconds or hours.

If you want all of the images to have the same duration then you can do this simply by right clicking on one of them and selecting "Apply duration to all following."

Step 4: Adjusting Colors

It's also possible to adjust the colors and hues in the same preview window. To get to grips with these you might first need to spend some time experimenting and working out what works the best for you.

Step 5: Creating DVD

When you've finished editing and creating your video you can then burn it onto DVD. This is very easy by simply launching the create module and then following the instructions on the screen.