Splitting Large Files with Nero Burning Rom

With Nero Burning Rom, splitting large files becomes simple with the DiscSpan (UDF) compilation. This tool can be used to split up files too large to fit on one disc, and it is built right into the larger Nero program, allowing any type of user to quickly split up files.

Step 1: Using the DiscSpan Compilation Tool

When files use up the available space on a disc or are simply just too large to fit on a single disc, the Nero Burning Rom’s DiscSpan can split up the files without being directed, and it will then break up the files between two or multiple discs.

Before the system will start burning the discs, it will show in the compilation screen how many discs that the program will use to burn these files. If the user wants to change the number of discs, this can be done here. If users want to burn different content on different types of discs (DVD, CD or Blu-ray), they just need to change the format type within the New Compilation dropdown menu, or they simply change out the discs.

Nero Burning Rom will also create a restore and catalog file on the last disc that was burned. This will be the Master Disc for the set.

Step 2: Burning Multiple Discs

When the user is ready to start burning multiple discs, the first thing that they need to do is pick the format that they would like to use for the first disc, which is down from the New Compilation dropdown menu. If the New Compilation window does not open automatically, it can be accessed from the New icon, which is located on the main screen.

Next, they can go into the selection list and pick the DiscSpan compilation. Within the Nero DiscSpan tab, users can select the options that they wish to use for splitting discs. The default is allowing Nero to split up files that are larger than 250 megabytes. But, this can be manipulated so that smaller files are also split up.

Step 3:  Selecting Folders

Once the options are selected, hit New at the bottom, and now pick the files or folders from within the browser that need to be burned. Then drag these files to the compilation section, which is located on the left-hand side of the screen.

After the files have been added, they should now show up in the compilation screen. Check to make sure that all the needed files are there. Within this same screen, the capacity bar will show how much space that DiscSpan needs to burn this amount of information. And, the number of discs can be seen here and manipulated.

Step 4: Burning the Disc

If the disc format has not yet be changed to the correct one, do it now, and then select Burn Now, which is located in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Nero Burning Rom will start burning the discs, and it will prompt the user when the disc needs to be changed to a new one.