SourceTec Video Encoder Windows Version: An Overview

The SourceTec Video Encoder Engine is unique software; it has an unprecedented combination of web control and management, visual installation, and video sharing scripts with PHP, and ASP. This unique combination provides a very effective and complete software based solution that allows the users to share videos seamlessly. Here is a look into the SourceTec Video Encoder Windows Version.

Key Functions and Features

The software allows the users to quickly create a system on Windows based hardware that enables the end users to upload, edit, convert or customize their videos. This approach makes it easy for a web master or a video company to launch a video sharing website like Youtube, complete with forums and communities. The software features full server side conversion of video files to FLV. Almost all known video formats are supported and are converted without any loss.

The videos are all put into a batch execution queue that processes the videos that were uploaded or produced locally based on their priority levels. Also, since videos can easily overwhelm a server, there is provision for automatic server load balancing to reduce the load on the server side and protect the valuable uptime from any crashes and resource shortage.

The installation of the software is fully guided by the automated wizard like system and this leaves no room for error. Other features include a strong video editor that allows various functions such as video clip trimming and cropping, the addition of appropriate descriptions, comments, subtitles or watermarks, and options to change the frame and bit rate.