Sony Vegas: Stablizing Shaky Footage

Sony Vegas is NLE (Non-Linear Editing) software which enables you to edit audio and video on multiple tracks in real time. It is powerful software with a variety of tools and features by which you can create special effects, and it also corrects many faults in the footage due to a poorly equipped video camera. One of the most common problems faced by many is shaky footage, caused either by the adverse conditions during the shoot or the lack of image stabilization feature in the camera. Sony Vegas offers a solution in just a few clicks for such footage.

Step 1: Load the Footage on the Timeline

Open the problematic footage in Sony Vegas and load it on to the timeline.

Step 2: Open Stabilize Media Dialogue Box

Right click on the clip on the timeline you have just loaded and click on "Stabilize Media" from the menu which pops up.

Step 3: Choose the Right Option

The Stabilize Media dialogue box offers various options under "Type" which includes:

  • General footage, fast analysis
  • General footage, medium analysis
  • General footage, intensive analysis
  • Handheld camera, slow-moving scene
  • Handheld camera, fast-moving scene
  • Handheld camera, very smooth

These are optimized presets which will help you do the correction required according to the quality and type of your footage. After you have chosen an option, click on the Apply button and the software will start doing the correction. You will see a progress bar which will tell you the time left for the process to end.

Once the process is completed, the software would have replaced the faulty original clip with the new edited version on the timeline.