Sony Vegas: Customizing Your Work Space

Sony Vegas is a program that allows you to completely customize the workspace for all types of post production editing. Some of the main benefits available to create individual workflow interfaces include the ability to nest different projects in timelines, dock multiple windows, save chosen keyboard commands, use application scripts to automate repetitive tasks and much more. The ability to manage media throughout the systems creates maximum efficiency. Besides standard formats, the latest version, Vegas Pro, supports HDV, HD and 24p formats.

Screen Viewing and Previewing

It is possible to use a split screen to view how the different editing affects the video. One side of the screen will contain the affected video and the other side contains the unaffected footage. View the animation and effects in real time and decide if anything needs to be altered to the edit. The layout of Vegas can be completely customized as the different windows can be docked in various positions.

Choose which is best for your needs. The timeline can be viewed at the top or the bottom of the screen, as the window tabs can also be on specified sides. It is possible to preview the edited video and footage using the system internal monitor, the computer screen, or play the preview on a secondary external monitor. This creates a very professional viewing platform. There is auto fit for each space.


It is possible to arrange all of the edits and events along the timeline. This functions by dragging and dropping the different operations into place. Some of the effects include color changes, motion effects, time stretching, envelopes, transitions and other real time effects. It is possible to edit HD or SD long projects by using keyboard commands or the mouse. All of the editing can be done without rendering. These edits can still be previewed and then, once the desired result has occurred, the image can be rendered. This provides the system a lot of processing power and by using nondestructive editing, the system runs fast at all times.


There are many different default layouts that can be changed for your personal needs. Completely customize the layout to your needs and the way that you work. Everyone will use functions in various orders, and the newest version allows these layouts to be changed to your needs. There are also many objects snapping that can be used. These events can be snapped to specific frames in the track. The ability to snap objects will make the placement of events line up when many tracks are being used at once.


When an embedded project path reference is used for rendering, this can be applied to other projects.  It is possible to go in and edit the source file, and then have this edit change any footage that was attached to the image or effect. This is particularly useful for events and edits that are used frequently.  It is also possible to create keyboard shortcuts that make it easy to transfer items from other applications or to use specific functions. The default keyboard commands follow Windows commands, which are familiar to many users. It is possible to import keyboard mapping schemes or edit existing keyboard shortcuts.