Sony Vegas: 7 Features of the XD CAM

Sony Vegas is one of the best video editing applications available. This is a professional application which has support for many professional high end digital video cameras. XD CAM cameras have been supported in Sony Vegas ever since version 8. Version 9 has native support for the XD CAM and Red pro camcorder formats.

Sony Vegas can be run on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. There are a number of features which are offered by the XD CAM format, which make it very easy to use. By learning about these features, you can decide whether or not you want to use it.

1. Tapeless

XD CAM is a professional format used for tapeless video recording. The advantage of XD CAM is that you don't need to worry about using tapes. This also means that the format is always digital, which reduces the chance of any formatting problems or tape stretching.

2. Easy to Import

The XD CAM format is very easy to use. This makes it possible to easily transfer the files from your camera directly into the application. The camera needs to be connected to the computer using a Firewire, iLink or Ethernet connections. When you open Sony Vegas, you will then be able to select your camera and click the options to import it.

3. Easy to Export

After editing with Sony Vegas, it's then possible to export the video over iLink or Ethernet connections back to your camera. This makes it very easy to share the videos with other people. The XDCAM export module has been part of the application ever since version 9 of Sony Vegas.

4. Output to Video Tape

If you don't want to export back onto XD CAM devices then you can also output onto video tape. This is very easy by using the built in output plugin. By exporting to video tape or as a video file, you will be able to share it with lots of people even if they don't own an XDCAM compatible player or device.

5. Exports to Blu Ray

The video can be exported to Blu Ray discs using the built in Exporter module. By exporting your videos in this format, they will be in high definition. The finished Blu Ray discs can then be played in any compatible Blu Ray player.

6. XD CAM Toolbar

XD CAM explorer is a useful feature used in Sony Vegas. This makes it easy to manage and import new XD CAM videos and clips. Select View, and then click on XD CAM Explorer. This will display the toolbar which makes it possible to get much more control over the XD CAM files that you import and export. It also makes it much easier to edit and adjust the files once you have imported them.

When accessing the XD CAM Toolbar, you might see a message telling you that it has been disabled. In this case, you will need to click the link to turn it on.


Sony Vegas supports HD XD CAM footage. This ensures that the footage is high quality and looks good when exported to blu ray.