Snapz Pro X: The Key Features

Snapz Pro X is a versatile software package, which makes it possible to easily record any video you are watching. You can then save video in the form of a QuickTime movie, which can then be used in different ways. For example, you can email the movie to a friend, upload it to the Internet or even pass it around in any manner that you like. Here are the other things that you can do with Snapz Pro X.

Create a Movie

Rather than be content with taking static screenshots, why not use Snapz Pro X to create a movie effortlessly? This makes sense because it is a truly advanced video capturing solution that captures motion videos of whatever is on your screen in the blink of an eye.

Digital Video Camera

Snapz Pro X can be likened to a digital video camera. It is, therefore, very useful for making high quality training videos. You can also use the capture feature to create good quality video tutorials.

Live Preview

Apart from having a very user friendly interface, Snapz Pro also offers Live Preview. This feature shows you images of your screenshot even before they have been stored on your computer’s hard disk. This gives you the option of accepting or rejecting the image and changing it before you save it.

Other than that, Snapz Pro X provides support for saving your screenshots in various formats including Jpeg, PNG and all the others that are commonly used these days.