Slysoft CloneDVD: The Features

Slysoft CloneDVD is a very useful software package which can be used by anyone who wants to copy DVDs on their computer. As most computers built in the last decade feature a DVD writer, it's very easy to use this software on virtually any computer.

Copying DVDs

The main feature and the biggest reason for buying the software is because it offers the ability to copy DVDs on your computer. You can put a source DVD into one drive and a blank DVD into the other. Then it's simply an automated process of copying the video from each disk.

Selective Copying

When copying a DVD onto a recordable disk, you will normally find that it won't fit. This is because most DVD writable disks are single layer disks. Because of this, you will need to select exactly what you want to be copied. This is easy with CloneDVD as you can choose exactly what you want to copy. It's possible to select just the main feature film, or instead copy all of the extra features too.

Single Drive Copying

If you have a laptop or a computer with only one DVD drive, then you will not be able to copy directly from a disk. Instead, you can use CloneDVD to first copy the footage to your computer's hard drive and then write it onto DVD. This makes it easy to use the software on any computer.

Protected DVDs

It's not possible to copy protected DVDs with this software on its own. If you want to do this, then you will need to use AnyDVD which is also produced by Slysoft.