Simple and Fancy: Text Effects for Showbiz DVD

Showbiz DVD allows the creation of high quality DVD videos for amateurs and professionals alike, and one of its greatest features is its huge collection of text effects. Showbiz DVD has a simple interface that can be used by anyone, although it offers a lot of space for creativity when modifying how your menus and captions look. It also gives great control over piecing together pictures or movie clips. Follow these easy steps to differentiate simple and fancy text effects.

Step 1: Selecting Scenes

Make a list of the scenes that you want to include in your DVD collection. These items will determine what theme you are after. Now import them into the program using the import button that is accessible in the upper left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Find where You Want to have Text Effects

They can be the main menu, the sub-menus, the options screen or the clip selection screen. You can also add text to certain parts of the movie or some of the images. Please note that if you want to add nice text effects to every frame, it is possible as well.

Step 3: Choose a Theme and Modify the Text Fields

Go to the first menu that you want to edit and choose a pre-made theme or choose the generic screen if you wish to start from scratch. Choose a text field that you want to modify and double-click it. This will take you to a text properties tab where you can change the font, the color, the size, state and a lot more. Once you are content on how the basic font looks, you can add the animation or the text effects.

Step 4: Use Simple Text Effects

Simple text effects are usually clean and smart and are perfect for minimalist presentations, business reports, corporate charts, business animations and other sleek-themed products. They are usually just simple outlines or anti-alias that makes the text look crisper, more readable and sometimes shiny over a bit of light glow, which brings out a professional look.

Step 5: Use Fancy Text Effects

Fancy text effects can include simple animation loops, transitions or even scatter effects. These text effects make your text look flashy, flamboyant, sweet or even dynamic. They apply a lot of filters to the basic text making it look really fancy and are perfect for presentations that usually cater to family occasions, romantic events, parties and well-known occasions like Halloween, Easter and Christmas. Applying fancy effects to your basic text makes it more attractive and noticeable.

Step 6: Start Burning

Once you have decided on your design and are ready to render or write it onto a DVD, just hit the burn button after choosing the settings that suit you.

Step 7: Label CDs

Showbiz DVD also allows the creation of labels for DVD and CD cases. You can customize your label as well to seal your product perfectly.